Clement Noel House


                     West End Mercantile Establishment (Harbour Grace)

Harbour Grace Town Council has set the construction date of these buildings as 1856, but recent research indicates they may be older.

An advertisement in the Harbour Grace Weekly Herald and Conception Bas General Advertiser for Wednesday, 5 January 1853 reads as follows: “To be let: Those well known Waterside premises in the West End near Noad Street, measuring about 130 feet frontage bounded by Water St. on the North. The same being admirably adapted for an extensive mercantile business combining great depth of water with perfect security against fire. For further particulars apply to W. C. St. John, Harbour Graze

Two factors support the argument that the buildings at 111   Water St. are those mentioned in the 1853 advertisement. Records show that the land was owned before 1850 by a Charles St.John, possibly the W.C. St. John referred to in the advert, and the buildings, which were all brick lined, enjoyed a reputation in Harbour Grace for being greatly fire resistant.

The buildings were apparently built by a Mr. Clement Noel, a fish merchants and records indicate that the Hennessey and Andrews families lived there as well as a merchant named Eli Frost.

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