Noel/Newell Ship’s Captains

in 1835 Surnames of the 204 Captains of the Conception Bay Sealing Fleet (17349 tons, 4558 men)

lists Newell, Newell, Newell [NOEL??]

In Jersey section an Active is captained by Jean Noel

In 1793 March 25, Captain Edward Noel, Angelique lugger 42, 6×1½, 2 swivels, 30men (from where?)

In 1817 a Captain John Noel of Harbour Grace is blown up  on a  sealing expedition

in 1834  Captain J. Noel, schooner Jane Anne in quarantine at Quebec City

In 1836 Capt. Clement Noel of Eliza from Carbonear

In 1838 Capt. Noel on Northern Light (Ridley)

In 1838 Capt. Noel on Palestine (Ridley)

In 1852 Captain Jonathan Noel on Brother(s?) (Ridley)

in 1874 Captain Noel, Selina sealing from Harbour Grace supplied by Munn

in 1887 Captain Edward Noel (HG) of Margaret out sealing but later is lost at sea crossing to Portugal along with cousin seamen Clement Noel

In 1887 Captain John Frederick Noel on Annie A Teel

In 1889 Captain John Frederick Noel on Mastiff

In 1896 Captain A. Noel of Laurel delivers goods from St John’s

In 1907 Captain Noel schooner Maud

In 1907 Captain Simeon Noel on Victory heads for Labrador

Shipping News Noels

Index of Newfoundland Captains, 1820-1889

Newfoundland Maritime Archive


Noel,   Alfred Sea Flower 1871003
Noel, Alfred Fanny 1871004
Noel,   Jonathan Active 1876059
Noel, Moses Reward 1876060
Noel, Jno F. Emily 1876061
Noel,   Alfred Commissary 1858075
Noel, Nathaniel Commissary 1858075

The Law of Capture

(including Noel vs Warren) or

“Leggo my seals”

Thanks to Bruce Ziff

law of capture noel vs warren etc

December 1763 Captain Doble’s Passengers

from Newfoundland to Boston, Massachusetts

Matthew Brimigum
Lawrance Glinden
WIlliam Murry
Morris Jack
William Ryan
James Cowan
Jonas Jackson
James Gorman
Richard Sprusin
John Welch
Edmund Hearn – hospital
John Burk – ditto
Martin Grady
John Crole
Patrick Ashing – hospital
Edmund Butler
Daniel Flerta
Patrick Day
Dennis Dennavan
John Woodlock
Patrick Welch
William Lee
Simon Mulley – died at sea
Valentine Connel
Patrick Murphy
John Mejory
Robert Page
Gilbert Steel
Nicholas Flernin
Thomas Dunn
John Murray

and an arrival

Date of Admission




Time of Arrival

Port Sailed From

Port Arrived At



Married or Single

1858   Nov. 24 Murphy,   Ellen 17 Ireland June ’54 Cork St. Johns N F [Newfoundland?] blank blank Single

Ships sailing from Canada to England, Europe, North America & Other Ports

Neither U.S. A. nor Canada  maintained outbound ships passenger lists. There are no archived Ships Passenger Lists for ships sailing from American ports of departure. However there are some surviving original passenger lists in private hands, and there are newspaper accounts with partial passenger lists.

Ships sailing from  Newfoundland Canada to New York 1820-1830

From St Johns

Loire Nancy Content Marcellus Catharine Samaritan 

From St Johns

Abigale Hope Loire Nancy

From St Johns

Bunto Legaio? Jane Ann Nancy Rambler Hope

From St Johns

Nancy Mariner Mack

From St Johns

Combine St Michael 

From St Johns

Combine St Michael Isabella 

From St Johns

St Michael Matvina or Malvina

From St Johns

St Michael St Cuic Antioch Champion Bellville 

From St Johns

Sarah G Edwin Hanford Edwin Wanderer New Packet

From St Johns


From St Johns


See’s New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 for the complete passenger lists of all these ships. You can also check Ships From Canada to New York Project on this website.

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Olive Tree Genealogy, online , Lorine McGinnis Schulze, webmaster , copied 20/01/2014

A list of passenger links that may have fallen through the cracks. Probably old so you may have to use the Wayback Machine:

Wreck on Anticosti

November 22, 1874 the brigantine ORIENT, owned by the Joyce Brothers of Carbonear, one of their three sealing ships, was wrecked at Anticosti Island.

A simple marker in a field not far from the beach on the south side of the island of Anticosti in the mouth of the St. Lawrence River (Quebec) reads : In memory of Captain John Edgar Joyce of Carbonear, Newfoundland aged 27 years and crew of Brigantine Orient lost 22nd November 1874 who are buried as follows: Joseph Taylor (25 years) Stewart Taylor (17) Thomas Fitzpatrick (13?) William Clark (21) Charles Henry (36) Ambrose Forward (20) Richard Taylor (19

The Captain’s brother, Gilbert JOYCE, who was mate on the ship and seaman Charles MOORES of English Hill, Carbonear, were the only survivors.