About this website …

This website is an ongoing work which attempts to provide a place to bring together web-based information on the many branches of the Noel family who settled in Newfoundland.

In the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries, several Noel families settled in and around Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. Many of these families are thought to have come from the Channel Islands, and particularly Jersey. Over the years, many descendants of the early Noel families moved away from Newfoundland, mostly to places across Canada, but also to the USA. Genealogical record-keeping among the Newfoundland Noel families over the past two hundred years seems to have been rather spotty, and may have been complicated by a church or two (or three or four) going up in flames, and destroying valuable records in the process.

Much of the genealogical information provided by this site, as well as most of the historical information, was originally based on Gather Up All The Noels, a very detailed history of the Noels of Newfoundland which was researched and compiled by Norman Krischke.

Genealogical references are stored in several RootsWeb Databases. For more details, visit the the Noel Family Tree links which appear at the left of this page.