Thomas Newell document 1704 (also Knoll)

‘1704 Thomas Newell document (Knoll also)

Richard Newell ca 1625 Cupid (2nd to last paragraph)

On August 11, 1755 Col. Charles Lawrence issued instructions to his Field Commanders for the transportation of the Acadians from Pisiquid, Mines, Cannard and Coquebid. He stated that the ships will first be sent from Boston to Col. Moncton, commander of Fort Cumberland (formerly Fort Beausejour) at Chignecto, with orders that those transports that are not needed at Chignecto, will be sent to the Minas Bay area. There they were to join the transports that had been sent to Minas from Boston, to help with the transport of the inhabitants from Minas. Of the ten transports sent to Chignecto, three were not needed, the BOSCOWAN, James Newell, master, the DOVE, Samuel Forbes, master and the RANGER, Nathaniel Munroe, master. These three transports were sent to Minas on October 13, 1755 and joined the fleet in the Bay of Minas

The schooner BOSCOWAN, 63 tons, James Newell, Captain, was among the transports that were sent by Col. Charles Lawrence to Chignecto for the use of Col Moncton. When the Boscowan was not needed at Chignecto, Col. Moncton sent the Boscowan to Minas on October 13, 1755. While at Minas, the Boscowan ran aground at Pisiquid, and was not used as a transport.