John Noel (Newall) Died 1805/6 Harbour Grace

John Newall was a Bristol Merchant who leased a property in Harbour Grace  for his agent; from the plantation records of 1805 entry 993:

Wm. Lilly Esq. 30 7/9 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by Wm. Parsons on the W. by Cane’s Plantation 217 yds. from H.W.M. to the N. bounded on the N. by the woods, 3 H. 3 S. 1 Stage 1 C.R. 1 Garden on the North Side of Harbour Grace.Part bequeathed by his Father in Law’s will and part purchased from Wm. Snow for £30.

Occupied by Richard Palmer Agent for John Noel of Bristol,  Merchant since 1804.

Leased to John Noel for 21 years for £32 per annum.

He seems to have died suddenly leaving an insolvent estate. It looks like he conducted business up until October 1805 with large transactions in Quebec and Miramichi, NB left owing on his books.

James Fraser was big in timber anf fish it looks like……

I tried to find out if he had gone down on a ship but could find no record. Their were 3 documents filed relating to the winding up of the estate. He is described as “late of Harbour Grace” but Bristol businessman are involved in settling the estate.

Estate documents combined

I had not expected a Bristol connection to pop up. I am not sure what it means for the Noel family trees I have put together. He could potentially be father to John (b 1791), Clement (b 1782) or Richard.