Brigus Noels

John Noel’s house at Riverhead, Brigus c. 1810 located on
the corner of Antle’s Beach and John Noel’s Hill

john noel house 2

more on the house here:

Speculative Structure of the Noel Family Tree in Brigus

I have tried to assemble the Brigus records I have into a Family Tree. This has necessitated many assumptions and no doubt will incorporate many errors. I believe it will be helpful as an overview but should not be put out as factual except in pieces where specific records have been reviewed. I have made the head of this family Abram Erel who died in 1805. That in itself is extremely speculative but would fit into a larger Noel picture and perhaps a son Isaac in Burnthead. Take this with a big grain of salt…….Perhaps this excercise will help those taking the Family Finder DNA test. It seems to be very helpful in identifying relationships once family trees are in place to connect the dots.

Family Tree link here:

Brigus Noels

In this case the 3 brothers which Ted Newell referred to below could be James of Bareneed, Nicholas whose sons landed in Pouch Cove and Abram Erel of Burnthead. Very Speculative. I believe however that they were sons or brothers of Clement Noel based on my Harbour Grace Noel DNA match with the Bareneed line.

Bareneed Newells Wales 2

Parish Records

Family Individual Parents Month Date Year Minister /   Clergy Notes
Erel Abram  (Noel,Best, or Lush????? PN) May 19 1805 John   Percy (Bur)
Nile John Feb 5 1806 John   Percy (Bur)
Noel Stephen John   & Mary July 9 1807 John   Percy (Bap)
Noel Stephen John   & Mary July 15 1807 John   Percy (Bur)
Penny John Robert   & Charlotte Newell Mar 14 1813 John   Percy (Bap)
Penny Nathan Robert   & Charlotte Newell July 20 1823 John   Haigh
Penny missing Robert   & Charlotte Nouel Dec 12 1810 John   Percy (Bap)
Penny John Robert   & Charlotte Noule Mar 14 1813 John   Percy (Bap)
Penny missing Robert   & Charlotte Nouel June 11 1815 John   Percy (Bap)
Sparks James Ambrose   & Ann (Noel) Oct 6 1806 John   Percy (Bap)
Sparks James Ambrose   & Ann (Noel) Oct 8 1806 John   Percy (Bur)
Sparks missing Ambrose   & Ann Noul May 23 1810 John   Percy (Bap)
Sparks James Ambrose   & Ann Noel Oct 8 1806 John   Percy (Bur)
Sparks daughter Ambrose   & Ann Noel Apr 12 1818 John   Percy (Bur)
Noel Mary   Ann Robert   Cribb & ??? Nov 5 1824 Richard   Knight (Bap)
Noel Elizabeth John   & Ann Dec 5 1824 Richard   Knight (Bap)
Noel Stephen John   & Ann Dec 4 1826 Richard   Knight (Bap)
Noel Mary   Ann John   & Ann Nov 1 1829
Newell Ruth   Louisa James   Hy. & Mary Ann July 5 1864 C.   Combden
Newell William   Roberts James   Hy. & Mary Ann Nov 17 1866 W.E.   Shenstone
Newell Thomas   Mercer James   Hy. & Mary Ann July 9 1870 Rev.   Waterhouse
Newell Agnes Stephen   & Ann Eliza May 17 1856 J.   S. Phinney
Newell William   John Stephen   & Eliza Nov 14 1857 Rev.   Sprague
Newell Louisa Stephen   & Ann Eliza Nov 25 1859 C.   Combden
Newell Patience   Antle Stephen   & Ann Eliza Sept 26 1861 C.   Combden
Noel Diana Abraham   & Frances July 8 1869 Rev.   Waterhouse
Newell Agnes John   & Elizabeth Mar 6 1866 W.E.   Shenstone
Newell Emeline John   & Elizabeth July 2 1871 J.   S. Peach
Noel Anne   Elizabeth John   & Elizabeth July 15 1868 Rev.   Waterhouse
Noel Ann   Eliza John   & Elizabeth July 15 1869 Rev.   Waterhouse

more baptisms:

Brigus baptisms

Brigus United Methodist Church Marriages

Richard Rose & Elizabeth Noel                      Oct. 31 1868

John Newell & Elizabeth Mead                      Nov. 29 1860

James Henry Newell & Mary Ann Mercer     Dec. 5 1861

Abraham Newell & Fanny Rose                     June 13 1866

Inhabitants in the Harbour of Brigues & Cupids Ending September 27th, 1817

No Housekeeper Name Man Woman Children M Servants Supplier Name Means of   Providing
69 John   Nuhe 1 1 6 2 W Kemp Distressed
78 Mrs   Noyer 1 7 W Kemp Distressed
68 Isack   Nule 1 1 5 1 W   Kemp Distressed

Note 1 Nuhe should be Noel as his neighbour is William Antle Jr and the house above is built

Note 2 The name Noyer appears in NFLD but so rarely I believe that this is a Noel family as well.

Note 3 Isack in Cupids probably Burnthead

1835 Voter’s List

NEWELL, John Brigus River Head
NEWELL, James Brigus River Head
NEWELL, William Burnt Head
NEWELL, George Burnt Head

Burnt Head Baptisms & Marriages  1860 -1891 (some North River)

Burnthead Bapt

Burnt Head Death Registers

Burnthead deaths

Burnt Head Tree (in-process)

Thanks to Lori Ann of LARC’s Genes for this information

Burnt Head Tree

Sgt Samuel Newell of Burnt Head

Lovell’s 1871 Burnt Head

Newell Isaac, fisherman
Newell John, fisherman
Newel Robert
Newel George, fisherman

Brigus Past Glory, Present Splendour” by John Northway Leamon

Newell pages 281, 294
Newell 77
Noel & Nule, John 73, 74, 75, 77

anyone can do a lookup?

Brigus John Noel survey

Children of REBECCA MUNDEN(b ca 1786) and MICHAEL WAY are:

(early spelling can be Whey)

i. ANN8 WAY B ca 1820, ; m. NOEL; Unknown.