About this website …

This website is an ongoing work which attempts to provide a place to bring together web-based information on the many branches of the Noel family who settled in Newfoundland.

In the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries, several Noel families settled in and around Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. Many of these families are thought to have come from the Channel Islands, and particularly Jersey. Over the years, many descendants of the early Noel families moved away from Newfoundland, mostly to places across Canada, but also to the USA. Genealogical record-keeping among the Newfoundland Noel families over the past two hundred years seems to have been rather spotty, and may have been complicated by a church or two (or three or four) going up in flames, and destroying valuable records in the process.

Much of the genealogical information provided by this site, as well as most of the historical information, was originally based on Gather Up All The Noels, a very detailed history of the Noels of Newfoundland which was researched and compiled by Norman Krischke.

Genealogical references are stored in several RootsWeb Databases. For more details, visit the the Noel Family Tree links which appear at the left of this page.

Welcome to the Blogosphere – à la Noel

After a five-year absence, our old website has been brought back to life (again) as a blog. A couple of years back, Pete’s research went stale, and around that time I dropped my old website domain, and never got around to restoring this content.

Recently, Pete had a surprising DNA match come up under the Noel Surname DNA Project and has been in touch with some old and new contacts researching the Jersey to Newfoundland Noel connections.

We’re working on bringing this content up to date.


Individual posts will often be updated rather than shown on the front page or recent posts.

Check the categories……

Also of note, Pete is now living in Thailand, and has added another Noel to the world…


Archived Post – Down and Out, and Back Again

April 16, 2007:

After an absence of over six months, this website is working again. Last September, our web host suddenly and unexpectedly went out of business. While I was able to move the site to a new host, there were software compatibility issues which prevented the site from working properly, and none of the links worked. After many months of procrastination, I finally got around to debugging the site, and getting it working again.

There have been no substantial changes to the content on this site since October 2003. We seem to have gotten as far as we can with the information we have been able to dig up, and no new information has come in on the branches of the Noel family which we have been tracking. We will continue to maintain the site in its present state, but we do not expect much in the way of updates.

In other news, Pete has left Calgary, and is now globe-trotting. He spends much of his time in Trinidad, and is still reachable by email.


Archived Post – Sad News

January 1, 2006:

We received some sad news. Over the holidays, Norman Krischke passed away. If you have navigated around this website, you will know that most of our material was derived from Mr. Krischke’s personal research into the Noel’s of Newfoundland, and that our Noel genealogical links would have been impossible without his contributions. Anyone who ever had the opportunity to read his report, Gather Up All The Noels, came away extremely impressed.

We were able to get a copy of Mr. Krischke’s obituary from the online edition ofThe Victoria Advocate (Victoria, Texas, USA). Click here (pdf document) to view the obit.

Memorial donations may be sent to the Schulenburg Public Library Fund. Follow these links for more information:

Schulenburg Public Library
Fund-Raising Information and Donation Form (2 meg Adobe document)


Archived Posts – 2002, 2003

September 26, 2003:

We’ve added links to the Noel Surname DNA Project, an effort to use DNA testing to determine whether familial links exist between different lines of Noels.

Pete has generously donated a cheek scraping to the cause, as well as the cost of a test kit. At this time, there are six participants, and our line (Pete, and I would hope, myself) is not related to any of them. Go to the Links page to find out more.


March 20, 2003:

Added a couple of documents:

  • Labrador births, deaths, and marriages
  • Joseph Noel Military Record
  • Clement Noel/John Noel legal document
  • Updated Freshwater baptisms


November 1, 2002:

Added a headstone page to the website. Seventeen Newell and Noel headstone photos posted to date. Still working on a way to organize this information – in the meantime, feel free to browse the thumbnails


Excerpts from Pete’s email, July 28, 2002:

Added a small family to the Miscellanous database:

2 Stanley NOEL b: ca 1910
2 Emma “Minnie” NOEL b: ca 1912
& William HALFYARD
2 Ernest_ Stanley NOEL b: 1916 d: 1995
& Emily Maize CHAYTOR


Gloria & Norman are trying to round up more details. This is the Ernest Noel whose gravestone Gloria found.



Calgary, Alberta

Excerpts from Pete’s email, July 13, 2002:

Hello again folks,

Was caught up at work last week and did not get a letter out. This may happen again over the next few weeks. I still have updates from Norman to get in. This week he provided me with his William Noel & Ann Pinkstone tree.

This has a number of Shepherd connections and also brings in Alfred of Stewart Noel.


I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.



Calgary, Alberta

Excerpts from Pete’s email, June 15, 2002:

This week Dave added 2 items to the website:

  1. Norman supplied an emmigration pattern for the Noels in Europe
  2. I put the Carbonear Methodist church records up

Donna S. is another new member for our mailing list. It looks like she ties in the Stanley Noel tree … I have not checked the dates yet.



Calgary, Alberta

Excerpts from Pete’s email, June 8, 2002:

Hi folks:

This week I started incorporating some of Selby Noel’s information. My brother should have it up on the website this weekend.

I started with the Freshwater Clemence Noel info he had. The link for this is:


Selby complicated things a little. It seem there were 2 Clement & Mary Noels in Southside. There was Mary Shepherd that I was tracking but also Mary Hopkins about 15 years earlier.

I am backed up a bit on Norman’s information. I still have to review the trees of William & Elizabeth and John Frederick & Charlotte.



Calgary, Alberta

Excerpts from Pete’s email, May 18, 2002:

Hi folks,

Pretty quiet week this week.

A partial Baptismal list for Freshwater has been added to the Noel site.

Minor updates were done to the John Frederick line and Bryant’s Cove line per instructions from Gloria B. and Cheryl P.

I also removed from Rootsweb a Selby Noel tree of HG (not Freshwater) that is now part of Norman’s William & Elizabeth line. If that process could continue do you think we might get down to a single tree?

If you spot errors or want additions to the trees that interest you just let me know.


Calgary, Alberta

Excerpts from Pete’s email, May 11, 2002:

I incorporated the data I sent out last week on William & Elizabeth into the family trees on the website. I made some minor changes.

Norman helped Sylvia out with her Josiah & Ann tree. He couldn’t take it back further but provided info on the side branches. The tree has been updated.

Cheryl provided me with an update I still have to incorporate on the Bryant’s Cove Noels.

I have a few more minor items of Norman’s material and will get them out soon.

If people want me to put them as prime contacts on the family tree pages let me know. I can only put one email address per tree but it does not have to be mine.


Calgary, Alberta

Excerpts from Pete’s email, May 04, 2002:

Hello from the snow,

This week I have tried to update some of the gang’s family information. Please check what I have put up and I will correct any errors:

Joseph & Frederica (Lisa Noel)

Joseph & Alfreda (Ed Jones)

I emailed an Alex L. of Maine. He connects to a Martha Noel. He provided me with a digital copy of the William and Elizabeth Pottle line as you can see blow. This is Norman & Stuart’s Krischke’s line. We can all see where they fit in now. I will try to get the site updated with this one for next week….

Excerpts from Pete’s email, April 27, 2002:

Hello folks,

Welcome Mabel.

I had a lazy week this week. I joined a new gym with different machines and needed to be in traction most of the week. I also got some data back from Ireland on another family branch that I will have to do some work with.

This week we got some photos up on the website. Thanks Dave. We have some “Then and Now” of the Southside Harbour Grace. I thought it looked more developed back then than it does now.

I put up one new document…miscellaneous census data. It is interesting to see how the Noels spread out.

I got links set up for Dominic Noel’s site and NF Genweb.

I can’t believe we are still getting snow here.


Calgary, Alberta

April 25, 2002:

We’ve added a couple of new names to “The Early Noels”, below, and have added a couple of history items regarding the Jersey connection to the History page. Enjoy…


Excerpts from Pete’s email, April 19, 2002:

  1. The website is progressing. With Norman’s permission my brother Dave has felt comfortable putting some time into it (I think this also means he made progress on his house renovation and you no longer look into the basement from the 2nd floor john).  It seems to change every day as more goes up. We will have to think about how to organize it. I want to bring the Newells in as well.
  2. No data this week. From now on I will just get Dave to post it on the website and let you folks know. Watch this week for Cemetery Data for Harbour Grace and Freshwater. Links will also go up for Cheryl’s tree (John of Bryant’s Cove) and Sylvia’s (Josiah of HG) tree. I will also put a link in for Richard Noel, one of the early ones.
  3. Thanks everyone for the help with Mabel Ethel Noel. As you can see below it did get sorted out. I think Lillian Sherman must be our eldest researcher. Norman’s book found its way into someone else’s hands. I will pass Maybel a copy of this email but will wait for her ok before I put her on the general mailing list.
  4. The map I sent around last week raised some questions. Norman has provided some clarification below.

I will try to do some maintenance on the trees this week to update the changes you folks have provided me. Ed I intend to get yours up as well. Hopefully we will get it tied in. Norman thinks he has a copy of his book located just around the corner from me here in Calgary. I will try knocking on a door this weekend.