Montreal Noels

Elizabeth Greely and Eldred Noel in Montreal:
Elizabeth Greely and Eldred Noel

Excellent list of Montreal Directories

a selection of Noels in Montreal from Harbour Grace families

Aaron, Samuel, Nathaniel, Eldred Sr, Joseph III, Reginald, Naboth, Robert, Charles, Eldred Jr (Bill), Walter, Jessie Gertrude,  Gertrude

1900 Lovell Montreal

1920 Lovell montreal

1945 lovell montreal 1

Some Noels in Montreal Census 1901 & 1911

Montreal 1901 & 1911 census partial

1921 census

!921 census noel montreal


Interesting index covers Quebec Ports (including Montreal) for the periods 31 Jul 1903 to 13 Oct 1910