Freshwater view ca 1900

Freshwater View ca 1900

Clement Noel of Freshwater appears to be the first Noel of a line that based on oral history came from Jersey.


In November 1774 Clement Noel purchased 2 properties in Carbonear. Clement was a very religious man who had joined Lawrence Coughlan’s Methodist Church. One of the properties seems to have been connected to that church. He made a purchase from “one LeSuier”. Pierre Le Sueur left Newfoundland and Coughlan’s fold in 1774/5 to start up the Methodist religion in St. Helier, Jersey. The other property was purchased from Philip Tocque. The Tocque family of Carbonear family were principals in Tocque and Levi trading company. It may not have been formed at that time. The famous historian was a member of this family. If the 2 adjacent properties were the ones  in the Plantation records ca 1805, there may have been a connection between Tocque and Le Sueur. It is mentioned that Le Sueur lost a business partner. Clement gave one of the properties to his son John in 1777. The other was willed to Clement Jr. who later moved to Harbour Grace. I am not sure if this property was left to James Noel.

The associated property document:

Clement property

Fishermen’s Petition

Petition 1784


Selby Noel checked all the Clement Noel candidates in Jersey and found no suitable candidates. It seems on his return he found an error in his assumptions and in fact a Clement Noel born 1715 had been excluded in error. I think this left the only viable candidate but I do not believe it has been checked on the Jersey side.

That St Martin, Jersey family unit seems to be:

12 Sep 1714 Clement Son of Clement and Elizabeth Messervy

16 Apr 1715 Clement Son of Clement and Elizabeth Messervy

22 Feb 1719 Marie Daughter of Clement and Elizabeth Messervy

01 Jun 1722 Jean Son of Clement and Elizabeth Messervy

21 Nov 1725 George Son of Clement and Elizabeth Messervy

22 Feb 1729 Jeanne Daughter of Clement and Unknown Messervy

22 Feb 1729 Sara Daughter of Clement and Unknown Messervy

A Captain Messervy sold land (#1003) in Northside Harbour Grace in 1760.

In June 1769 in Jersey, Capt. John Messervy who was involved in shipping corn to France on his ship
“Marie”  was detained  and 14 women were taken by the Vicomte to the quay  under
arrest for allegedly trying to ship small quantities of wheat in the vessel.

Some Captains Messervy of the period:

  • Messervy, Clement – privateer captain, Ambition 1752, Dragon 1757, Active 1778, St Charles 1780, Jupiter 1790, Elizabeth 1744-57. Captain Messervy, while master of the Guernsey privateer Dragon was fined £200 for engaging crew from Jersey without permission
  • Messervy, Daniel – Molly 1769-72
  • Messervy, Elie – Prince of Wales 1788, Enterprise 1794. Captain Messervy was captured by the French 8.3.1794 and taken into Brest
  • Messervy, Francis – Jersey 1776, Beaver 1778
  • Messervy, George – Elizabeth 1744, Delvarde 1756
  • Messervy, H – Enterprise 1780
  • Messervy, Jean – lived St Aubin 1775, Elizabeth 1744-57, Union 1750-57
  • Messervy, Nicolas – lived Bulwarks, St Aubin, 1789, Phoenix 1756-65
  • Messervy, Noe – Union 1750-55, Phoenix 1756-65, Mary 1790
  • Messervy, Philip – Stagg 1780-90, Friendship 1790-92, Dundas 1803, Hazard 1820

Dec. 1729 (rec’d) 11 Dec. 1729 (read)

Merchants of London, Bristol, Dartmouth, Whitehaven


They are in support of Col. Gledhill. Thomas Kennedy, J. Duboies, Durand [?], Bertenan [?], F. Picote, R. Hanarer [?], J. Benn, Robert Harris, G. Hall, B. Barnard, William Crosse, J. London, William Woodrop, John Farmer, William Newcommin, Sam Levit [?]

(Picot of Jersey?)

I think based on my experience with the Martin family, Jerseyman may be a generic term for Channel Islander and Guernsey probably needs to be checked as well. There was an early Noel family there.

I think Thomas Cole’s work points to the possibility that Trinity Newells may have spread to other parts of Newfoundland.

Carbonear/Freshwater Noels Family Line Scenario


The Carbonear Noels are clearly descended from Clement Noel born ca 1715-1720. Because there are few records from this time, a complete list of his sons and daughters may be impossible to assemble. It requires starting with the available records and working back.

From the Plantation records of 1804, 2 sons are clearly identified – John1 and Clement Jr. Clement Jr left Carbonear and moved with his family to Harbour Grace. I think this means that possibly all the Carbonear Noels are descended from John1. It is likely that other sons of Clement moved elsewhere or died. He had daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Jane and Martha.

John1 Noel (1755-1811) and his Freshwater/Carbonear descendants

John1 married Frances Moores. It seems some of their children were the eldest son Clement, John2, Jonathan Moores,and George. Frances died in 1797.

In the 1832 and 1839 voters lists there appears to be 4 lines of Noels as follows:

470 Noel John (John2) Carbonear Lower Street
471 Noel Clement Carbonear Lower Street
472 Noel James Freshwater
473 Noel Jonathan Moors Freshwater

I am assuming these are all sons of John1 except for James who is a grandson.

1) Roland Noel has provided the best tracking I have seen in the Freshwater/Carbonear area. It was recorded by Norman Krischke in the 1980’s. Since that time  new information has become available which I have incorporated.

A Place Called Home – Roland Noel’s Freshwater site

This is the Jonathan Moores Noel line:

Jonathan Moores Noel

2) The other line in Freshwater is that of James. I have assumed he is a son of John 2 and Charlotte.

James John & Charlotte not given bap Mar 4 1810
Charlotte John & Charlotte not given bap Mar 4 1810
Jane John & Charlotte b Nov 3 1810 bap Jan 31 1811
Jane John & Charlotte b Feb 14 1810 bap Feb 2 1812

This an attempt at mapping his descendants. Please check for errors.

James Noel and Ann Penney

James Noel death





Thanks to Geoff Martin



Possibly the  Ann Penney of interest

PENNEY Thomas William & Mary b Sep 22 1811 bap Jan 26 1812 Freshwater
PENNEY Ann William & Mary b Feb 16 1814 bap May 7 1815 Freshwater
PENNEY John William & Mary not given bap May 10 1818 Freshwater
PENNEY Edward Sparkes William & Mary not given bap Mar 3 1824 Freshwater

Mary the widow of Robert Joyce  and was nee Sparkes married 1810 Carb METH? William Penney was of Christchurch, England.



The lines of Clement and John2 seem to have more gaps in the records. Possibly because they were just a bit earlier. I think the St. Anthony Noels are descended from 1 of these 2 lines.

3) Clement of John1 married Mary Hopkins in 1812 and seems to have relocated from Freshwater to Carbonear. These records have a lot of gaps.

Clement of John

Carbonear Clement schooner 1848


4) I believe John2 married Charlotte.

James John & Charlotte not given bap Mar 4 1810
Charlotte John & Charlotte not given bap Mar 4 1810
Jane John & Charlotte b Nov 3 1810 bap Jan 31 1811
Jane John & Charlotte b Feb 14 1810 bap Feb 2 1812

A John Noel married an Ann Powell in 1831 – possibly John3 Noel.


William John & Ann not given bap Apr 5 1833
John John & Ann b Feb 20 1837 bap Mar 8 1837
Stephen John John & Ann b Feb 20 1837 bap June 11 1837
Charlotte Jeffers John & Ann b Oct 13 1839 bap Nov 17 1839
Albert Charles John & Ann b Dec 15 1845 bap June 7 1846


John4 rebaptised as Stephen John?


5) The death of George is recorded in 1803 at 20 years old.


Freshwater & Clown’s Cove Plantation Book 1805

Freshwater Plantation

Early Family Connections:

Taylor information:

The Taylor connection leads to an inferred Moores connection.

and apparently the Garlands:


Some documents:

Will of Clemence Noel b ca 1715


Clement Noel Will original
Clement Noel letter 1774

Study of Methodism analyzing Clement Noel’s Letter

Clement Methodist

Clement of John probate

John and Son Clement business document – Carbonear from Al Beagan:


Death of Elizabeth Noel, daughter of Clement Sr.:



A little trouble with the authorities:

Ann Noel Carbonear