Harbour Grace Noel Lines


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Harbour Grace house of Clement Noel Jr born ca 1760

Clement Noel  Jr of Freshwater seems to be the the head of most of the Harbour Grace lines. He first married Patience Taylor and after she died married her sister Mary Taylor. It appears that some of the children from the first marriage followed their father to Harbour Grace where he started his second family. The family was settled in Southside Harbour Grace at the time of the plantation records ca 1804. Some of his children are recorded and others are presumed. During a downturn in the economy in 1816, it looks like he placed a bond secured by his house. This was for debts of 73 pounds to Nuttal & Cawley Co and it would seem Clement lost the property (with transcription).

This is a curious note I will follow up:

25 Oct. 1781

Richard Edwards

Charles Garland, Harbour Grace

Orders to measure the boundaries of a fishing room bought by Clement Noel of Harbour Grace.



clement bond 1816_bright


It looks like he went to Moreton’s Harbour for a time.where possibly some Taylor relatives were located. His son John was born there. In 1831, William (married to Grace Sheppard), Jonathan and Joseph purchased the house back for the Noel family from Hugh Danson who was in financial difficulty.

William Jonathan and Joseph NOEL secure land

Thank you Gloria Bruce

Family History Data

Norman Krischke had the following oral history on the Harbour Grace Noels linking the sons of Clement Jr of Freshwater:

John and Clemence Noel brothers1

This is likely inaccurate. Simeon and James Archibald were likely 1st cousins once removed. The connection between the family lines is likely valid though. Norman had this John born in 1814 as John Frederick from oral history but supporting documentation cannot be found.

Known and speculated children of Clement Noel Jr b 1760 in Freshwater:

Clement jr

Earlier family connections can be found on these pages:





Another Stray John Newell married Mariah Parsons:

Mariah was the daughter of Charles Sr. and Susan(nah) Parsons of Bear Cove.


Newell Charles Frederick John & Mariah 3 Aug 1838 Bear’s Cove Methodist
Newell Julia Ann John & Mariah 7 Nov 1839 Bear’s Cove Methodist
Newell Louisa Frederica John & Mariah 7 Dec 1843 Bear’s Cove Methodist
Newell William Edgar John & Mariah 9 Mar 1842 Bear’s Cove Methodist

I believe John may be the son of John and Frances Noel who was born Sept 10, 1812.


Newell Richard John & Frances 9 Apr 1815 S.S. 23 Feb 1815 HG st Paul’s
Newell John John & Frances 29 Sep 1816 S.S. 10 Sep 1812 HG st Paul’s

These Carbonear records are likely the same family unit:

NOEL Patience John & Fanny b Sep 10 1808 bap Jan 29 1812 Carbonear Carb Vital
NOEL Mary John & Fanny b Mar 9 1810 bap Jan 29 1812 Carbonear Carb Vital
b Dec 8 1816 Hr Grace, South Side NOEL John & Frances Fredrick bap Mar 25 1817


An Earlier Noel Connection to Harbour Grace???

1750 “De Quetteville was trading from Harbour Grace between 1750 and 1790, being linked as time went on with Nicholas Fiott (largest Jersey trader, also with land in Harbour Grace and their agent in London).” Philipe De Quetteville was president of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce 1863. The family business Nicolle & Co. was linked by marriage to the De Quettevilles. Nicolles were present in Harbour Grace and Carbonear.

In Jersey Elizabeth Noel married Philippe De Quetteville:


and here:


The De Quettevilles Freres Co. had an establishment on the south side of Harbour Grace, also known as the “Jersey room”, very early in the sixteenth century. The house on this property was called the Stone House and was built of freestone quarried at an island in the bay. Only the foundations now remain.

From The Newfoundland Quarterly – Spring 1936

“The Jerseymen Of Harbour Grace”

Quoted from the Survey of Settlements 1804…

“on the Southside of Harbour Grace the executors of John Clement claim 330 yards waterfront west from the Stone House. The Noels and the Yetman’s still living there are also originally Jersey families and related to the Clements”

Unfortunately at this point it is not absolutely clear to me that the Noels were linked to the correct Philippe De Quetteville who was active in the Gaspe and Labrador 1774-1785. DeQuetteville was the first firm established Blanc Sablon in the Strait of Belle Isle in 1784. They operated out of St Helier, Jersey which would explain the move by the above line from St Martin to St Helier.

DeQuetteville HG

By 1804 Fiott has also exited Harbour Grace. It is possible he flipped his properties there to John Clements. Clements also had a Northside HG property. It could be the Noels and Yetmans were operating the 2 stages on the old DeQuetteville property.


31 10 1751 Edmond Noel (St Mt) married Sara de Queteville (Gr)

04 Oct 1755 Sarah De Quetteville (Widow Of Edmond Noel) died

Thomas de Quetteville (1671-1733) married  Marguerite Noel( -1750)

30 09 1691 Thomas son of Clement de Queteville and Marguerite daughter of Michel Noel

Early Family Connections:

Looking for Jonathan

Jonathan Noel seems to be one of the hardest lines to sort out – not much in the way of baptismal records for children. Likely he was brother to at least Joseph and William (married Gracious).

This relationship makes a lot of sense based on the land deal of 1831 made by them  and the clustering of names in various directories and petitions later on. I have tracked Joseph’s son Jonathan Shepherd Noel to Woody Point. A Joseph Noel appears as a witness to marriages there but I did not realize it was the father. It seems the move was permanent. There is a cluster of deaths in Harbour Grace:

Jonathan 22 Feb 1876 70 South Side
Joseph 17   Feb 1876 65 South   Side
Josiah 22   Jan 1876 South   Side

I think Josiah was the son of Jonathan…….

Further details of Jonathan Noel were found in the Daily News as remembered by Matthew Martin in 1907:


A side note here: Geoff Martin has extensive research on the Martin family and would be interested in exchanging information with anyone looking at their Martin roots. He took my Martins back to the Ark.


From Matthew Martin’s recollections, it seems from that Jonathan was a very successful Master and sealer. He was from Southside Harbour Grace but bought a property downtown on Water street just east of Noad St. He developed (?) this property with a couple of buildings. He captained the Active and the Brothers (1852+).

Of the family lines that were unconnected, I believe Josiah and Aaron were brothers. When Josiah dies at an early age, Aaron and his wife are witnesses when his widow remarries. They both have sons Jonathan. A William Noel marries Ann Pinkstone with 2 Jonathan Noel witnesses. I believe these are his father and an uncle son of William.

Researching Josiah Noel I found a Bridgewater family and wondered if this was Jonathan’s son who might have moved. It turned out that this was Josiah of Moses Noel who had relocated. The history of Bridgewater says he was the founder of the town in the 1880’s. He had also lived at Chance Harbour and New Bay.


In Montreal

Aaron relocated to Pointe St Charles, Montreal and is found in the 1901 census with his son Jonathan. Aaron dies in 1904. As we have the family mapped out now, Joseph Noel Sr had a son Joseph Noel (died 1882) who would be Aaron’s cousin. In the 1900 Montreal directory there is a Joseph Noel (III? maybe) just down the street from Aaron on St. Magdalen Street (now Ste Madeleine Street) St. Joseph Jr’s other son Samuel is shown in this directory as well on Colerane (now Coleraine) about 5 blocks away. In the 1911 census Samuel Noel was on Bourgeois St (now Rue Bourgeoys) in Pointe St Charles along with Nathaniel of the Frederick Noel line. Rue Bourgeoys is parallel to Ste Madeleine one block over.




The following documents would not have been possible without the efforts of the many transcribers at Newfoundland & Labrador Genweb and Newfoundland Grand Banks. Particular thanks to Bonnie Hickey for her work on the Conception Bay region

Harbour Grace all Surnames – Transcriptions check for errors!

Sorted alphabetically so check name spelling variations carefully……




HG_mar‑ bride

HG Death registers

HG Methodist Baptisms not in above:


From Gloria Bruce:


A  good summary of Harbour Grace History:


To add to that summary, I was surprised that in the burning of Harbour Grace in 1705, there were only 12 structures:

“I detached Sir de Bellestre with fourteen men to take possession of Harbor Grace which I had left a league and a half behind in order to surprise that of Carbonear. Sir de Bellestre , having taken possession of that harbor where there were twelve dwellings in which he found only ten men, who he brought back the same day, and eighteen women and children who had not been in our charge, having reported to him that the rest had fled; that same day in the evening,”


Also when the first article was talking about 40 active mercantile establishments, I think this is for Conception Bay and not Harbour Grace. It is likely closer to 1750 than 1716 as well.

The Daily News Historical aticles of Harbour Grace:

In the 1950’s and 1960’s the newspaper ran regular articles on the history of Harbour Grace.

A number of family names are mentioned. Unfortunately the information must be sifted through…….

pioneer Names









1832_and summary


ships 1

Ships 2

ships 3

ships 4

ships 5

ships Spaniards Bay

saga of the sealfishery


Fire department


Decks Awash article:


Body dropped on the doorstep of the magistrate



Mummering incident


Matthew Martin had some interesting history of the early Jersey families of Harbour Grace:

Matthew Martin on Harbour Grace 4 articles

Geoff Martin has extensive research on the Martin family and would be interested in exchanging information with anyone looking at their Martin roots. He took my Martins back to the Ark.

Sheppard Family of Harbour Grace from Norman Krischke. The early family data is unconfirmed and errors found in the document are worrisome. Nevertheless this seems to be the only information spanning from the 1600’s.

Sheppard Summary

Some early Parsons Family notes:

Parsons Summary

Photos and info here:


From Gloria – contains many many photos:

Pictorial_Harbor_Grace 1910

The Harbour Grace Affray – witness Fred Noel

Howard, Mildred. Undated.

The Harbour Grace Affray.
Published by the author. 126 pp.

On December 26 1883, a confrontation between the Orangemen
(Protestants) and Catholics of Harbour Grace resulted in the deaths of 5 men. Subsequent investigations and trials failed to convict any of the participants on either side. Mrs. Howard presents the testimony of the witnesses to the conflict. It includes considerable genealogical
information for a large number of people, primarily from Harbour Grace but also including Carbonear, Tilton, Spaniard’s Bay, Victoria Village, St.John’s, Torbay, Caplin Bay, Bishop’s Cove, Bryant’s Cove and Twillingate.


Among the witnesses:

NOEL Fred (of Harbour Grace); & John- (Rev.);

Clement Noel House


                     West End Mercantile Establishment (Harbour Grace)

Harbour Grace Town Council has set the construction date of these buildings as 1856, but recent research indicates they may be older.

An advertisement in the Harbour Grace Weekly Herald and Conception Bas General Advertiser for Wednesday, 5 January 1853 reads as follows: “To be let: Those well known Waterside premises in the West End near Noad Street, measuring about 130 feet frontage bounded by Water St. on the North. The same being admirably adapted for an extensive mercantile business combining great depth of water with perfect security against fire. For further particulars apply to W. C. St. John, Harbour Graze

Two factors support the argument that the buildings at 111   Water St. are those mentioned in the 1853 advertisement. Records show that the land was owned before 1850 by a Charles St.John, possibly the W.C. St. John referred to in the advert, and the buildings, which were all brick lined, enjoyed a reputation in Harbour Grace for being greatly fire resistant.

The buildings were apparently built by a Mr. Clement Noel, a fish merchants and records indicate that the Hennessey and Andrews families lived there as well as a merchant named Eli Frost.

Click here to see real estate listing, May 2012.