The Newell Family of Trinity Bay

lester house


Lester’s Newfoundland Shipwrights (Dr. Gordon Hancock)

William Masters, James Warren, William Cool, Wm. Hookey, Thomas Newell, William Newman, Charles Newhook, William Newhook, William Pittman, Samuel Finch, Richard Gleed.

The Lesters built ships at Trinity and New Harbour, Trinity Bay (Thomas Newell Sr present 1675).

1708 – Thomas Newell buying Shipbuilding materials:

I think this is likely Thomas Newell II of Trinity and the will below is likely Thomas Newell III. If so than the Newell family was likely involved in shipbuilding from the late 1600’s based on the age of Thomas Newell II.

Frank Jones has given us permission to post his article from The Newfoundland Ancestor. Enjoy.

Thomas Newell (Trinity)

Further work has been done by Herb Goudie. It is in a rough form right now but we will be tidying it up.

Newell Family from Herb Goudie

This is an updated Family Tree with the new information from the will below. It also includes information from Thomas Cole which is not entirely clear:

Thomas Newell Trinity Descendants


From Thomas Cole:

Will of Thomas Newell born Newfoundland in Poole: (1728)

Thomas III of Bonavista? No children in will so he seems not that old.

 (Thomas Newell was a shipwright probably employed by  the Lesters Co. in Trinity Bay. He returned from Newfoundland to Poole and marries Judith Gold)

In the name of God Amen. The twenty eight day of July one thousand seven hundred twenty eight. I Thos Newell shipwright do make and ordain ye my Last Will and Testament in manner and Form as following. That is to say I commit my Soule into ye hands of god in and through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Item I give Devise & bequeth all my chattles Rights Creditts and Estate whatsoever both Real and Parsonall wheresoever it Lyeth to my Dearly beloved Wife Judith Newell for her only Use to do as she thinks best with it.

Item I give to my Sister Eliz’th Pinchard one shilling.

Item I give to my Sister Grace Head one shilling.

Item I give to my Brother Benj’n Newell one shilling.

Item I give to my Sister Patience Ballett? one shilling. (Bayly?)

Item I give to my Brother Jno Faben? one shilling. (Fabian?)

Item I give to my Sister Sarah Faben one shilling.

Item I give to my Brother Step’n; Faben one shilling.

(Item I give him five shillings) I make my Brother Hen; Gould Executor in witness whereof I the said Thos Newell have hereunto put my hand and seal ye day and year first above written.

Thos Newell

Signed Sealed Published

and declared to be ye last

will and testament of ye

sd Thos Newell in ye presence of

Suzana Gould

Jam; Skott

Eliz; Skott

proved 1737?



24 Apr 1701 Henry GOULD Son of Roger GOULD & Susanna his wife

Goulds from Wimborne Minster???

Poole marriage:

22 Apr 1739 Thomas ROSE Sarah FABIAN


Bonavista 1675 = Salvage Pritchard Jonathan  wife 1 child. (Pinchard – Thomas Cole)

Barrow Harbour- (Barron? Harbour) = Bayly John

1708  William Pickering Account Books – Bonavista – Wm Pinchard

The names Fabin & Bayley appear in the 1675 CENSUS OF NEWFOUNDLAND

(Bay de Verde)


9 Jan. 1723 (received) 16 Jan. 1723 (read)

Simon Fabian

Lords of Trade

Concerns a plantation in Bay deverdes [Bay de Verde] that was sold by William Taverner to Simon’s brother, Joseph Fabian, in 1698 for a quantity of fish. Joseph passed the plantation to his brother in his will. The French destroyed it when they took Fort St John’s. William Taverner pretends to sell the plantation that now belongs to Simon Fabian.

10 April 1730 (rec’d and read)

S. Fabian on behalf of Joseph Fabian’s children


In 1722, William Taverner purchased a plantation for a considerable amount of fish for his brother. The brother died and left it to your petitioner for the use of his children. William Taverner is trying to dispossess the children of their plantation. In Jan. 1723, Capt. Taverner upon petition to you, found the possession well grounded. He is trying to get Lord Vere Beauclerk to stop the rents being paid to your petitioner.

Fabian Symon M1610 Wolborough & Newton Abbot., Devon
Fabian William B1598 s/o John Wolborough & Newton Abbot.
Fabian Symon B1621 s/o Simon Wolborough & Newton Abbot.

This Joseph Fabian of Poole may be related: has him as the son of Joseph Sr and Joane Davis (1640-1706)

The Fabians were a family of Shipwrights from Hamworthy,

Hamworthy is a parish¹ and village situated on a peninsula in Poole Harbour. The village is divided into Higher and Lower Ham and has also over time been referred to as Ham, Hamm, Ham Worthy, Ham Port, South Ham, and Southam. Both Hamworthy and Ham side were home to extensive ship-building yards and a quay. Hamworthy was for some time part of the Parish of Sturminster Newton & Lytchett Minster.

The Fabians

From Thomas Cole on Trinity Newells:

Thomas Noel Jr b ca 1646

Son James Newell b ca 1670

Granddaughter Elizabeth married Abbott (Hugh?) b ca 1700?

Grandson William married Elizabeth (Unknown) b ca 1700?

Elizabeth Newell born about 1690/1700, daughter of James/ and granddaughter of Thomas, lived at Bonavista and was married to an Abbott – most likely Hugh Abbott, born about 1690/5. Elizabeth had a son named Richard Abbott. Apparently Elizabeth’s brother William was also married to an Elizabeth. The records indicate that this Mrs William Newell had an illegitimate son, Thomas Slate Jr for Thomas Slate Sr., either before, during or after her marriage to William Newell. It also seems as though this Thomas Slate Jr was raised as Mrs. Hugh Abbott’s brother, for we find records referring to Thomas Slate, Jr as a nephew Richard Abbott.

September 13, 1764 at St. John’s, Governer Palliser heard the case of Jonah Newell vs Elizabeth Abbott re: ownership of Newell’s Plantation, property of Jonah’s grandfather Thomas Newell, who died intestate. Edward Newell, son of the Thomas Newell and uncle of Jonah Newell and uncle of Elizabeth Abbott took possession. When Edward Newell died the property went to brother of Edward, Jonah sr., who subsequently left it to his son Thomas Newell. When this Thomas Newell died, Jonah jr., brother of this younger recently deceased Thomas Newell took over the property. This is when Elizabeth Abbott, granddaughter of the original Thomas Newell intervened since she and her late father James Newell were somewhat ignored and we can understand why she was so perturbed as she was the only remaining true Bonavista family resident – the others being from the Trinity Bay area.
Colonial Secretary’s Office, Outgoing Correspondence, PANL G.N.2/1/a original documents with detailed family description:

Newell Abbott Court Case

In stating his case Jonah Newell explicitly went through the relevant members of his family to show that there were no other claims from his father’s siblings who had all died with no wills. Likewise he showed that there were no descendants of these male siblings. In fact he seems to have perjured himself, probably unknowingly, as Thomas III had indeed left a will in Poole. Is it possible there were descendants in Poole who went unrecognized as well? I could find no clear information indicating such a case. Since all the potential claimants from Jonah’s side have been dealt with, any stray Newells remaining were likely from the opposing side in the dispute – the descendants of James Newell. Thomas Cole has identified 3 siblings I think. It seems some of his information comes from his work on the Abbott family. Some of his sources are not readily apparent to me. The reference to William Newell was a very brief one. I wondered if it could have been the as yet unidentified brother of James.

Vol 2, pg 231, 15 Sep 1755. Bonavista.

pg 396 03 Oct 1757- Thomas Slate of Bonavista leaves property to his nephew Richard Abbott at Bailey’s Cove. Joseph Randall vers Richard Abbott- Abbott won!

pg 454 Randell ordered to remove from Abbott’s property.

Vole 3, pg 29, 27 Sep 1759. Randall’s counter claim. He claims that since Thomas Slate was illegitimate then the property was not Slate’s to bequeath to anybody. This Thomas Slate (Jr.) was illegitimate son of Thomas Slate (Sr.) begat by Elizabeth, wife of William Newell. (from Trinity Bay area??? or died young???)

William Newell b ca 1700????


This seems a bit confused

William Oldford (1720?-xxxx) married to Mary Newell (a widow or single mother), perhaps his 2nd wife (She was buried as Hannah Halford 1768, spouse of William Halford in Trinity).

Should Mary Be Hannah?

(Halfway down page here)

It seems likely that the Oldfords of Bonavista previously were associated with Trinity, Trinity Bay where William Oldford, a planter and constable, resided with his wife Hannah in the 1750s. It is probable that all Oldfords in Bonavista Bay and Newfoundland are descendant from this one couple


From: “Thomas R Cole” <>
Subject: SLEAT family of Christchurch
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 22:31:43 -0400
Thomas SLATE [SLEAT] was in Bonavista, Newfoundland 1708

Thomas Slate (Jr.) was illegitimate son of Thomas Slate (Sr.) begat by
Elizabeth, wife of William NEWELL. Thomas Slate Jr left a property there to
his nephew Richard ABBOTT.

Moses Sleat often supplied recruits and/or supplies for the Newfoundland
traders including John Slade. They are not a part of the Slade family of
Poole but Sleat was pronounced as “Slate and indeed spelled that way in many

Moses mentions a son: Richard Wright Sleat. This was the R.W. Sleat,
Newfoundland merchant partnered with Thomas Read.

From: Lloyd Rowsell

SLEATs of Christchurch, millers, manufacturers, and
suppliers of sea biscuits, also dealt with SLADEs and supplied
servants or, at least,advanced fares and clothing to passengers who traveled to Newfoundland on SLADE ships.

SLEAT is named, for example, in the SLADE ledger accounts of
such individuals as
John BUCKLE (1785-86),
John CRAZE [[CREASE etc.]] (a seasonal servant of SLADE 1796-97 at
L20), and
Thomas BLANDFORD (a seasonal servant in 1801-02 at L20), and a
passenger in 1809-10).

From: Colonial Secretary’s Office, Outgoing Correspondence, PANL G.N.2/1/a:

1755/6 Rev Robt Peasley, Jonah Newell. Trinity Records

Petition of Jonah Newell of Trinity Bay regarding the claiming of a plantation

159-167       7-18 Sept 1754

Orders to deliver possession of a plantation to Jonah Newell

Orders to pay rent owed for the occupation of the plantation belonging to Jonah Newell

380       3 Oct 1757

These records from Poole concern a William Wadham Newell about the same time a William Wadman from Newfoundland. An unknown source provides 2 wives for him though – Ann and Nancy.

Wadman Newell


Thomas Newell document 1704 (also Knoll)

‘1704 Thomas Newell document (Knoll also)

Richard Newell ca 1625 Cupid (2nd to last paragraph)

On August 11, 1755 Col. Charles Lawrence issued instructions to his Field Commanders for the transportation of the Acadians from Pisiquid, Mines, Cannard and Coquebid. He stated that the ships will first be sent from Boston to Col. Moncton, commander of Fort Cumberland (formerly Fort Beausejour) at Chignecto, with orders that those transports that are not needed at Chignecto, will be sent to the Minas Bay area. There they were to join the transports that had been sent to Minas from Boston, to help with the transport of the inhabitants from Minas. Of the ten transports sent to Chignecto, three were not needed, the BOSCOWAN, James Newell, master, the DOVE, Samuel Forbes, master and the RANGER, Nathaniel Munroe, master. These three transports were sent to Minas on October 13, 1755 and joined the fleet in the Bay of Minas

The schooner BOSCOWAN, 63 tons, James Newell, Captain, was among the transports that were sent by Col. Charles Lawrence to Chignecto for the use of Col Moncton. When the Boscowan was not needed at Chignecto, Col. Moncton sent the Boscowan to Minas on October 13, 1755. While at Minas, the Boscowan ran aground at Pisiquid, and was not used as a transport.