Notes on Early Harbour Grace/Carbonear Families

Sir John Berry’s Census – 1675 includes Harbour Grace

1719 business  Document St John’s:

Includes Shepherd, Martins and Newell

newell 1719

Matthew Martin on Harbour Grace 4 articles

Geoff Martin has extensive research on the Martin family and would be interested in exchanging information with anyone looking at their Martin roots. He took my Martins back to the Ark.

Sheppard Family of Harbour Grace from Norman Krischke. The early family data is unconfirmed and errors found in the document are worrisome. Nevertheless this seems to be the only information spanning from the 1600′s. Tkis line is independent of a Sheppard line from Ireland that also appears in the Cupids-Spaniard`s Bay area.

Sheppard Summary

1681 census Bonavista – Stephen Sheppard

From: William Pickering Account Books
1695-1718 – Christopher Sheppard

Martin Sheppard sells  boat 1798 with transcription

Martin Sheppard boat 1798

Some early Parsons Family notes:


From the book “Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland” by E. R. Seary. PARSONS, a surname of England and Ireland – the parson’s servant, or one who lived or worked at the parson’s (house); in Ireland also for Mac an Phearsain (MacPherson in Scotland). Family traditions: —– Williams, from England, deserted from the Royal Navy, settled at Diamond Cove where he changed his surname to Parsons. (MUN Folklore). Meshach Parsons (1828 – ), born at Rose Blanche, son of —– from Guernsey, settled at Rocky Harbour (Bonne Bay) in 1878 (MUN Geog.). Samuel, from Devon, settled at Running Brook, Bay Roberts about 1825 (MUN Folklore). Edward (about 1725 – ), from Devon, settled at Parsons Cove (Bryants Cove), between 1750 and 1775 (MUN Geog.). Thomas (1799 – ), from Bristol, settled at Freshwater (Carbonear), about 1821 (MUN Geog.).

Parsons Summary

Vernalyne’ s Parsons Family Bibles

From Bryant’s Cove:

George and Amelia Parsons Bible

Julia and James Parsons Bible

A Petition by Devon fishermen in 1642:

Devon Petition 1642

originally from here:

An article on Devon and Dorset Newfoundland origins:

Early English Settlement

So Long as there Comes Noe Women:


Moores, Freshwater


Taylors, Carbonear



Thomas Cole Index to other surnames and more here:

Thomas Cole Collection:

Lloyds 1741:

other Lloyds: