William Noel of Harbour Grace married Elizabeth

This line has the most detailed oral history but remains stalled in the research process.

I find I am questioning the oral history more and more. The reasons follow:

1) Pottle along with Newell are very old Newfoundland names in the Trinity Bay area:


We also now have an early record of a William Newell in Bonavista as well.

2) no records as yet found in England to suit the scenario of the brothers arriving from England

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Records of Interest:

From: St Johns Anglican Cathedral

Apr 6 1809 St. Johns Fade? GOFF, St Johns Mary Somarydyke? RYAN, St Johns John Ryan, William Goff
Dec 9 1820 St. Johns Edmund PURCELL, bach, Torbay Elizabeth GOFF, spin, Torbay William Bond, Thomas Tucker
Feb 1 1814 St. John’s Matthew GUSWELL, bach, St Johns Elizabeth GOFF, spinster, Portugal Cove Matthew Guswell, Tryphena Goff
Dec 13 1815 St. John’s George MILLER, Portugal Cove Mary DICKENS?, St Johns Tryphena Goff (prob Goss), John Purcill

Story of the Goff family:




  1. 1732. John Moors of Christchurch, Hampshire, at Trinity; in the vessel “Agnes & Mary”.The Book of Newfoundland. Copyright 1939. Page 68.In 1761, George Pottle, an Englishman, and Captain of the guard, in King George III’s Guard, took passage out of Poole, Dorset, bound to Newfoundland, and settled at Bonavista. Miss Jennings, later Mrs. Pottle, also eloped from Poole, in 1761. “Ran away with George Pottle.” George (Pottle) wed Miss Jennings, a grand-daughter of the celebrated Sarah, first Dutchess of Marlborough, and Lady in Waiting to Queen Charlotte. (Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wed King George III. Both of German descent.)Mr. and Mrs. George Pottle had a daughter Mary, born at Bonavista, Newfoundland on August 24, 1787. (Note: The birth date is copyrighted in error, per volume II.) George Goff of Bonavista married Miss Mary Pottle. Wed by a lay preacher of Bonavista, Mr. Ackerman, under a licence from the Bishop of Nova Scotia, of whose diocese Newfoundland was then a part.The Office of the Bishop of Nova Scotia was created on August 11, 1787. This was the proper legal and hierarchial place for Newfoundlanders to obtain marriage licences after the See was created. The Bishop of London was unlikely to issue marriage licences for Newfoundlanders, when he had created the See of Nova Scotia, which in turn was the logical hierarchial Church of England office, expected to perform such functions. The marriage licence process was delegated, in entirely normal fashion, by the Bishop of London to the Bishop of Nova Scotia. Have any Newfoundland marriage licences issued by the Bishop of Nova Scotia, post August, 1787, survived in Nova Scotia Archives?Mary Pottle wed George Goff of Bonavista. (On August 24, 1787.) George and Mary Goff, had a daughter, Tryphena (Fanny/Pheenie) Goss.George and Mary Goss migrated from Bonavista to Portugal Cove and ran an inn. Captain Pottle followed and died there in 1826. Captain Pottle’s grave is side by side with that of his grand-daughter, Tryphena’s. Tryphena Goss died March 1823, just prior to her intended marriage, on wedding day.



Jonathan Sheppard Noel settled in Woody Point and started a family line there.

Family Tree:


Some Royal Household Staff – Likely not complete

JENNINGS 1788 Royal Household Index 1660-1901
JENNINGS Ann 1788 Royal Household Index 1660-1901
JENNINGS John 1803 Royal Household Index 1660-1901
JENNINGS Thomas 1787 Royal Household Index 1660-1901
GOFF Lucy 1764 Royal Household Index 1660-1901

Goff (Gaffe, Gaffe), William Yeoman of the Guard occ. 1727-1735 (Chamberlayne [1727] II iii, 177; excused from duty ibid. [1735] II iii, 111; last occ. ibid.). Vac. by 1736 (Ibid. [1736] II iii, 190-91

Goffe, John Yeoman of the Guard occ. Est. of c. 1685-88-1700 (LC 3/30, f. 71; Chamberlayne [1694] II, 251; last occ. ibid. [1700] III, 507). Vac. by 1707 (Chamberlyane [1707] III, 555-56).

Gough, John Page of Honour 6 July 1702 (LS 13/199, f. 3v). Vac. by 26 Apr. 1708 (Ibid., f. 50v).

Jennings, Daniell Yeoman of the Guard occ. Est. of c. 1673-78-list of 1 Oct. 1684 (LC 3/24, f. 27; last occ. A General and Compleat List, p. 2). Vac. by Est. of c. 1685-88 (LC 3/30, ff. 70-71).

Jennings, John Sergeant of the Pantry 20 Apr. 1678 (LS 13/253, f. 81: ?sup). Supernumerary Sergeant of the Pantry Est. of 9 Jan. 1680 (LS 13/37, f. 15). Vac. 6 Feb. 1685 on d. of Charles II.

Jennings, Sir John Housekeeper and Keeper of the Park at Greenwich occ. 1723-1743 (Chamberlayne [1723] II iii, 546; last occ. ibid. [1743] II iii, 195). Vac. by 1745 (Ibid. [1745] II iii, 206).

Jennings (Jennens), Robert Extra Groom of the Bedchamber 12 Jan. 1698 (LC 5/166, p. 5). Vac. 8 Mar. 1702 on d. of William III.

Jennings (Jennins), Susan Laundress of the Table [and Household] 3 Apr. 1672 (LS 13/252, f. 182). Vac. by 6 Feb. 1685 on d. of Charles II.

Jennings, Thomas Gospeller of the Chapel Royal 8 Nov. 1697 (Rimbault, p. 22). Gentleman of the Chapel Royal 2 Mar. 1700 (Rimbault, p. 23; LS 13/199, f. 17v; LS 13/200, f. 23v; LS 13/201, f. 14). D. 26 Mar. 1734 (BDECM, p. 626).

Jennings, Sir William Bagnio Man 13 May 1685 (LC 3/30, f. 44). Vac. 11 Dec. 1688 on abd. of James II.

Jennyns, Frances Seamstress in Extraordinary 13 Jan. 1671 (LC 3/26, f. 148v). Discharged 30 July 1673 (Ibid.). Seamstress in Extraordinary 12 Aug. 1673 (Ibid.). No further occ.

Jenyns, John Sewer of the Chamber in Extraordinary 10 Oct. 1664 (LC 3/26, f. 120v). No further occ.

Jenyns, John Footman dismissed by 6 July 1683 (LS 13/197, f. 99).

Pottell, William Gentleman of the Chapel Royal 13 Dec. 1734 (LC 3/65, p. 40). D. 8 Dec. 1740 (GM X, 622).

Knowles, Joseph Gentleman Pensioner pd. from 5 July 1799 (E 407/2/153). Occ. 1801-1810 (RK [1801], p. 120; last occ. ibid. [1810], p. 135). Vac. by 1811 (Ibid. [1811], p. 135).

Newell, Sarah Necessary Woman at Newmarket 15 Aug. 1779 (LC 3/67, p. 114). Office abolished 14 Nov. 1782 ((LS 13/117, ff. 71v-72v).


Short title: Pottle v Copland.

Document type: Bill and answer.

Plaintiffs: James Pottle, sentinal in HM 1st Regiment of Foot Guards (only son and heir at law of James Pottle, yeoman of Yoxford, Suffolk and Elizabeth Pottle his wife).

Date of bill (or first document): 1727

Collection: Records created, acquired, and inherited by Chancery, and also of the Wardrobe, Royal Household, Exchequer and various commissions

last document: 1739 Pottle v Ingham

A Gretna Green wedding: