Noel Property Southside

From The Newfoundland Quarterly – Spring 1936

“The Jerseymen Of Harbour Grace”

Quoted from the Survey of Settlements 1804…

“on the Southside of Harbour Grace the executors of John Clement claim 330 yards waterfront west from the Stone House. The Noels and the Yetman’s still living there are also originally Jersey families and related to the Clements”

This is our first reference to a Noel peoperty in Harbour Grace. It seems to come with some inaccuracies. The Yetman’s appear to come from Dorset. Clements is a Jersey name and I have found it in St. Mary’s Parish. John Clements though seems to be referred to as a Bristol merchant.  He had 4 daughters but not married to Noels.

The De Quettevilles Freres Co. had an establishment on the south side of Harbour Grace, also known as the “Jersey room”, very early in the sixteenth century. The house on this property was called the Stone House and was built of freestone quarried at an island in the bay. Only the foundations now remain.

Since the Noels and Yetmans are not listed as owners in the survey, I assume that they were leasing the property from John Clements. At this time a property like this could be leased for about 20 pounds per annum. John Clement’s executors may have offered it to the tenants. John Clements had died in 1802 and they were still on the property so they must have had a good working relationship. From the record below it would seem that a Clement Noel later did acquire rights to a property but probably not the original one.

Probably a different Noel property is described in the 1831 document below :   “All that plantation and fishing room lying being and situated at the south side of Harbor Grace and formerly in the possession and occupancy of Clement Noel together with all erections thereon and all and singular the said Fishing room and Plantation and the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining the said Plantation being bounded on the east by John Clearey on the west by Robert West on the south by the woods and waste and unoccupied land and on the north by the harbor or sea and admeasuring from east to west one hundred and twenty five yards and from north to south one hundred and thirty five yards,…”

Norman Krischke thought that the land in question had been owned by Clement of Carbonear.

In 1816 a bond had been placed with the property as security. This was for debts of 73 pounds to Nuttal & Cawley Co and it would seem Clement lost the property (with transcription).

clement bond 1816_bright

n 1831, William, Jonathan and Joseph purchased the land for their Noel family from Hugh Danson who was in financial difficulty:

William Jonathan and Joseph NOEL secure land

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A fishing “room” consisted of owner’s or agent’s house; shop and store; warehouses for storing fish: cookroom (a building in which the shoremen. that is the laboring men working on shore at the curing and shipping of fish, lived); cooperage; forge; sail and net lofts; stages, or places in which the fish was landed. split, and placed in salt; flakes (erections on which the fish was spread to be dried after being in salt for a certain time); etc.


…Excerpts taken on June 26th,2003 from the 1986 booktitled “A History of The Roman Catholic Church in Harbour Grace”by. R. J. Connolly 112.. “On the south side of HG, Jersey families such as the Clements, the Yetmans, and the Noels had property.


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