Noel History

Gather Up All The Noels

Norman Krischke’s Gather Up All The Noels document, published in 1981, contains a great deal of research into the history of the Noels and the Noel surname.

Noel History Links

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Harbour Grace History
Some interesting history in and around Harbour Grace (originally known as Havre de Grace). I’m sure none of our fine upstanding ancestors were involved in any of the mayhem described here…

Harbour Grace Regional Articles of Historical Significance
A collection of miscellaneous articles on the Newfoundland’s Grand Banks website.

A Genealogical History of the Noel’s
Dominic Noel’s comprehensive Noel genealogy/history site.

The Jersey Connection

The Jersey Men
An interesting essay on the history of “The Jersey Men”, and their association with Newfoundland. From Newfoundland’s Grand Banks.

The Early Relations between Newfoundland and the Channel Islands
Another gem from Newfoundland’s Grand Banks.